Communication Activity: Panel Workshop: Claiming History: Activism through Digital Video Archiving


Telling our own stories through images, recordings and videos, has never been easier. Anyone with a smartphone is now able to share their account of events and counter mainstream media narratives, which too often silence the voices that challenge its ideological positioning. In a fast-paced digital world, a video shared on twitter might be seen in a fleeting moment. As rapidly as it appeared, the same video may disappear into the internet’s bottomless pit of information. This opens questions for organizers, observers and academics: How can we collect these recorded moments of oppression and resistance, provide them with context and an identity, and use them as a resource for organizing, activism and research/reflection?

To answer this question, the “Claiming History” workshop will host activists engaged in collecting, archiving, and disseminating digital media, to discuss how these can be used to support popular struggles around the world and help create a counter history that empowers its subjects in the process.


Moderator: Dr. Şirin Fulya Erensoy