Communication Activity: Panel Workshop “Claiming History: Activism through Digital Video Archiving”

The Claiming History: Activism through Digital Video Archiving panel workshop took place at the HAU am Ufer in Berlin on 20 May 2022. It was part of the Re/assembling Antiracist Struggles Assembly.

How can we collect recorded moments of oppression and resistance, provide them with context and an identity, and use them as a resource for organising and activism? To answer this question, the panel workshop included activists who shared their experiences of collecting, archiving and disseminating digital media, and discussed how this supports popular struggles, helping to create counter histories in the process.

The participants of the panel workshop included:Özge Celikaslan (co-founder of Clancey Cornell (Skid Row History Museum & Archive) Jacob Geuder (urban sociologist) Anna Baum ( collective).